Atomic matching and settlement on a public blockchain infrastructure

Our DLT market infrastructure will be the first of its kind - leveraging peer-to-peer settlement of tokenized financial instruments natively on the blockchain

Fast and seamless

Our central-limit orderbook applies atomic matching and settlement between E-money (EUR) and asset tokens

Smart contract-based

Both cash and security settlement are smart contract-based. Any whitelisted wallet can trade in real-time using our central limit order book


Our multi-blockchain approach will allow us to admit any regulatory compliant token to trading independant from blockchain and token standards

End-to-end processes

We ensure the highest levels of process excellence by applying a high degree of test automation, regular penetration tests and using and learning from audited smart contracts

API functionality

Market participants and financial institutions will be able to trade on 21X by simply integrating our REST API into their own front-end solutions for digital assets


Intermediaries promote complexity

In traditional stock exchanges, vast numbers of intermediaries sit between the retail or institutional investor and the exchange. Intermediaries such as custodians, CSDs, transfer agents and clearing houses are needed to route transactions between buyers and sellers in a regulated and compliant way. This process is slow, complex and costly - in a word, outdated.

Our DLT trading and settlement system will remove these barriers, improving the efficiency of transactions


Disintermediation is finally possible

Under the new EU DLT Regime regulations, 21X will enable peer-to-peer trading between buyers and sellers without the need for further intermediaries. Both retail and institutional investors will be able to trade directly on 21X once they have completed our onboarding compliance process