The first European DLT exchange1

21X is a Frankfurt-based fintech and is in the process of being authorised as a financial institution that will launch the first ESMA-licensed, blockchain-based exchange under the EU DLT regulation - DLTR. We are a global team of capital markets, digital assets and public blockchain experts with a proven track record of building regulated digital asset exchanges

1 license approval pending

Our mission

We strive to democratize financial services by making financial instruments accessible to anyone, anywhere

Our role

We are building a DLT-based trading venue on a public permissionless blockchain, allowing for highly efficient disintermediated and secure trading of financial instruments. We will be a licensed DLT trading and settlement system, operating under the EU DLT Regime

Our values

We are pioneers, builders and innovators
We believe in distributed ledger technology
We foster co-opetition and open ecosystems
We foster financial inclusion and open market access
We are powering the future of capital markets


Get to know our team

We love technology and how it can be used to disrupt today’s financial world for the better . As well as a deep passion for blockchain and decentralization, our diverse team comes with unsurpassed knowledge, understanding and experience in digital asset exchanges, capital markets, scaling technology solutions and regulatory expertise. We are determined to shape the future of the financial industry through DLT

Max Heinzle
Marc Hegen
Ulf Medek
Director of Legal
Thomas Brandstetter
Director of Technology
Severin Kranz
Head of Business Development
Thomas Wodnitzki
Head of Sales
Richie MacTaggart
Head of PR & Marketing
Julia Heinzle
Head of Administration
Jeffrey Hartjes
Founders Associate
Nicolas Klose
Business Analyst
Christoph v. Döhren
Risk Manager
Dennis Knauer
AML & Compliance Officer
Thomas Zraunig
Information Security Officer
Software Architect
Software Architect
Full-Stack Developer
Full-Stack Developer
Test Manager
Blockchain Architect
Blockchain Architect
Blockchain Engineer
Solidity Developer

Introducing our supervisory board

We are working with thought leaders and industry experts having executives from the largest financial institutions and most innovative Web3 companies on our supervisory board

Alexander Höptner
Chairman of the supervisory board
Peter Grosskopf
Member of the supervisory board
Michael Guzik
Member of the supervisory board

We are a community of passionate beings

This passion is driving us to build a highly innovative open market infrastructure for digital finance. And we’re dong it together with industry experts from the world of banking, fintech and legal