Powering the future of capital markets

We will be the first ESMA-regulated trading and settlement system for security tokens and crypto assets under the
EU DLT Regime - with our license approval pending


Secondary markets for blockchain-based financial instruments

All asset types

Access to financial instruments and trading of all DLT financial instruments such as stocks, bonds and fund tokens

Multilateral trade

Direct market access for everyone, enabling regulated, atomic, multilateral trade between investors, institutions and market makers

Unlocked liquidity

Open access for any onboarded user, enabling deep liquidity for all assets on a public permissionless blockchain infrastructure

Smart trading

Smart contract-enabled matching and settlement enables 24/7 trading without counterparty or credit risk

EU- regulated

Our DLT trading and settlement system will be licensed under the EU DLT Regime

Institutional grade

Tokenization, registry and reporting is  on an institutional grade level, enabling trading without further intermediaries


Atomic matching and settlement, with zero risk to counter-parties

24/7 trading without counter-party or credit risk through our smart contract-based atomic matching and settlement system between e-money tokens and DLT financial instruments

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The DLT Regime is sparking a revolution in capital markets

The EU DLT Regime is creating a completely new regulatory framework to meet the needs of exchanges for digital asset trading and settlement. This  comprehensive EU regulatory framework will allow 21X to become an end-to-end service provider - from asset tokenization, issuance and distribution to listing and trading

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Working with thought leaders and industry experts

Our partner and advisor network already includes more than 15 expert players from the worlds of capital markets, financial regulation and blockchain technology, among others - and is growing rapidly. Contact 21X if you, too, wish to join us


We love technology and finance

Alongside a deep passion for blockchain and decentralization, our multi-disciplinary team brings unmatched experience in digital asset exchanges, capital markets, scaling technology solutions and regulatory expertise

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