March 28, 2023

21finance founds European DLT Exchange - 21X

21finance founds European DLT Exchange - 21X

A newly established subsidiary of AG, headquartered in Frankfurt a.M., submitted its application for a license to operate a DLT-based trading and settlement system (DLT-TSS) to BaFin on March 28. The company will participate under European DLT Exchange (21X) as one of the first companies in the EU DLT Pilot Regime once the license is granted. Promising partnerships have already been concluded, which will be announced over the upcoming months.

European DLT Exchange

Since its inception, 21X has already secured promising collaborations with traditional capital market players and blockchain companies, which will be announced over the coming months. Further partnerships with financial institutions, intermediaries and tech providers are enabled by an open platform architecture and are planned for the future. Those interested in the project can contact the relevant contacts directly via the website.

“We are proud to be one of the first companies to participate in the EU DLT Pilot Regime and are looking forward to continue our work in the area of DLT-based capital market infrastructure. The past months have been very busy in all aspects to create the appropriate conditions, to submit the application for the launch of the EU DLT Pilot Regime and to meet the tight schedule. The submission of the application for the DLT-TSS license marks one of the most important milestones for the entire company and our ambitions in the field of blockchain-based financial instruments. It will enable EDX to develop innovative capital market solutions for the European financial market,” says Max Heinzle, CEO of 21finance AG.

About 21finance

About AG& 21X

With its software solutions, AG offers banks, financial intermediaries and companies outside the financial sector the opportunity to distribute financial products and crypto assets via digital platforms. Business customers of can issue and distribute tokenized financial instruments such as shares, bonds or investment funds and other digital assets in a legally compliant manner via their own white label platform and make them tradable in the secondary market.

Investors can thus be offered a fully digital investment experience. Issuers additionally have the opportunity to place their financial products within the network and can thus significantly increase their reach and placement power. For the provision of the secondary market, AG – a subsidiary which will in future operate in the market as the European DLT Exchange (21X) – has submitted the license application as a DLT trading and settlement system in the EU DLT pilot regime in March 2023.

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